[two-third]I was born in Caserta, 1972. After having obtained my degree in Natural Science, I did research for some years. Karstic processes were my main research subject, with special interest for the Italian Southern Apennine.

Intolerant of sedimentation, I’ve always been trying to travel, by the most various means. I run after photos and narrations, supervise editorial and documentation projects, give advice for parks and protected areas. I write and tell stories, partly true, partly with the ring of truth about them.

I’ve been a caver with the GSM (Matese Speleological Group) since 1992. I was a member of the CNSAS (National Alpine and Speleological Rescue Corp) and an advisor for the SSI (Italian Speleological Society), for which I directed the editorial series Quaderni Didattici. Former president of the FSC (Speleological Federation of Campania), I was editor of the book Grotte e speleologia della Campania (Caves and Speleology of Campania), funded by the Regione Campania. I participated in speleological expeditions in Central America and Europe. I’ve made travel and mountain journalism my specialization: I write for various magazines, among which PleinAir, Meridiani, Internazionale, Panorama, Alp, Rivista della Montagna, Cicloturismo, Speleologia, Intraisass, and for Touring Club Italiano, CDA & Vivalda, Carsa, Ediciclo.

I wrote the book of tales Fratture (Fractures), published 2004 by Imago Media Editrice; the novel La via di Santiago (The road to Santiago), published 2006 by CDA&Vivalda; two books published by Ediciclo: the reportage Nel mezzo del Cammino di Santiago (Midway this way to Santiago, 2010) and the novel essay Il respiro delle grotte (The breath of the caves, 2013). I realized guides for Touring editore: Berlin, Campania, Austria, Southern Spain, Norway. After a more than ten years long neapolitan life I live and work in Rome.




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